Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tippopotamus' Crucial Gadgets: a shameless plug

I looked into's advertising and found that you can customise a store of your own, called your aStore. I am going to use this to show my crucial gadgets (as I've had a lot).

I think it will be useful to show all the products I absolutely cannot live without. I will add to this as and when I think of more.

I would also be very interested if anyone else has any gadgets and widgets that they can't live without. If I like the idea, I will add it to my list.

Remember - I live in the UK, but I see most of my readers are in the US. Therefore product availability may be a little different, but this is mainly for showing what I like rather than for commercial purposes.

It doesn't display brilliantly below because of the narrow width of my blog. If you fancy seeing the whole thing, click on the title and it will open in a new tab/window.